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Dear Professor Jegorov (for specialists only)

Dear Professor Jegorov (for specialists only)

I have written a short article, lost in the www, but here on this platform about the probable nature of neutrinos messaging thoughts and influencing normally harmless deseases, which can be measured only on a moral scale, what is up to now beyond science. The influence of Nature this way can only be approved by historical studies of the lifes of people and their dieing. There arise difficult problems, why Newton spent the last 30 years on bible studies and died after a seemingly fruitless period of his life. Why Bernhard Rieman had to die so early, after had risen the hypothesis that gravitation could arise by flowing thoughts into the ponderable masses, increasing their weight. Why have GOD, if existing besides NATURE, and supposed to write the language of Kiryll and Method, decided to draw him out of the game so early as he was underway to reveal that the ear can not solely hear, but speak. Why this field is occupied by parascientists? My answer on this is, that parascience has it own right of existing.

May be, you have red my article, that mankind was invented by nature to come to their own and unknown aim. As single scientists were set out of the game, mankind will suffer the same sudchba, since might be that AI is a better candidate, if we dont wake up, each searching its own task in the game, what Dante Alighieri also supposed to be true. To my knowledge neutrinos are the only candidates, flying through all as havy as it wants to be matter. The Germans, better to say the Westgermans have decided, to cancel the Russian German cooperation in the Baikal Osero and went over to the antarctic ice and spend a lot of Money, unless they thought the Baikal Experiment not to the end. To detect a neutrino one uses the Czerenkovkegel and the answer is a collective phenomenon of the multipliers. The events in the Baikal wher so seldom and skutschni, that our firm to build a Laser with fibres to each multiplier (for entertainment) and it worked. But the neutrino events were screened and disturbed by bioluminescence, which should be such an collective phenomenon, defined in space and time too, since their are lots of disturbing photons of cause, but none of them simulates the Czerenkovkegel. Avoiding every kind of speculation, research has rather to start at this surprise of nature than finish it. Max Planck said: The experiment is a question directed to nature, and nature answers. This seems totally trivial, but nature denies sometimes the answer, sometimes it surprises us with a totally new pathway, sometimes it is trivial and skutschni, but not if we mobilize our thoughts and think the things further.

Sincerely Yours C. Eberhard Rempel